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StriderPeace50g's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 7 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 75 Points


Juggle Clown Unlocked 8/17/13
5 Points
Get a 10 hit Combo
This is too easy Unlocked 8/17/13
5 Points
Complete Normal Mode
exhaust VL Unlocked 8/17/13
10 Points
Use all Vandier's attacks
Juggle Blade Unlocked 8/17/13
10 Points
Get a 20 hit Combo
Pit of Doom Unlocked 8/17/13
10 Points
Force 5 enemies to fall to death
Special Expert Unlocked 8/17/13
10 Points
Keep Full Speical for 30 seconds
Orb Hunter Unlocked 8/17/13
25 Points
Collect 100 orbs
Contrast 5 Points Fiddle with the settings
Exhaust LW 5 Points Use all of main Character's attacks
Slaughter 10 Points Kill all eneimies
This is more like it 10 Points Complete Hard Mode
Destiny 25 Points Die to the hands of Vandheer Lorde
Pit of Death 25 Points Force 10 enemies to fall to death
Special Master 25 Points Keep Full Speical for 60 seconds
Juggle King 50 Points Get a 50 hit Combo
Rebel Scum 50 Points Die to the hands of the Lone Warrior
Speed Demon 50 Points Complete Culmination in 8 minutes
God of this world 100 Points Collect all Awards
Juggle God 100 Points Get a 60 hit Combo
Undefeated 100 Points Complete Culmination without dying

Medals Earned: 7/20 (75/630 points)